Tuk, Tuk……Duck!

Here we go again!

Like a pesky strain of dermatitis that won’t go away, that itch for adventure has once again crept up on us… so myself and my good friend Lucien Delabruere have decided to take the plunge. Yes, we’re going to drive an underpowered tin can across an entire subcontinent. Yes, we’ve signed up for THE RICKSHAW RUN – January 2019!

It’s time for the triumphant return of THE RUBBER DUCKIES, after heroic appearances in the 2011 Mongol Rally and the 2014 Mototaxi Junket.

This website will be updated with more information soon. But in the meantime, enjoy this photo of a bucket of duckies…duckies who will soon be traveling with us to India.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Rickshaw Run, check out this video from The Adventurists, which gives a little rundown on what we’re in for. Yes, this adventure has been going on for over a decade, and it’s still just as bad an idea as ever:

We will be again raising money for our charity of choice, S.O.S. Children’s Villages. Our Donations Page is already live, so if you’d like to contribute, please do! (We’ll take a ducky with us in your honor.)

Pip Pip.

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