Pimping our Rickshaw

Per the “You’re On Your Own” rule, The Adventurists don’t provide much of any support during the Rickshaw Run – things like directions, mechanics, towing services, translation, logistical support, medical evacuations, bail bonds, etc…

But one thing they do provide: Pimping!

They have enlisted a team of local Indian artists who paint a rough approximation of your team’s artwork on your rickshaw, based on whatever you scribble onto this template.

After a few versions, this is what we submitted:

Yes, our design features no fewer than 17 rubber ducks on it. (What did you expect?)

We’re told that the artists do a decent (though sometimes laughable attempt), at translating your masterpiece to the side of the rickshaw. It usually has a couple spelling errors or bizarre flourishes…but by the time we land in India on December 30th, we’re told that our ‘Shaw will be painted all pretty-like.

We excited to see how it turns out!

Here’s an example of another team’s rickshaw from a few years back…they went with a Cheshire Cat theme. It turned out really well.

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