Halfway There! (Living on a prayer…)

Lucien and I want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the HUGE outpouring of support for SOS Children’s Villages. In our first week, we already raised over $2,000 of our initial $4,000 goal. We are truly humbled by the generosity of our friends and family who have donated so far!

That means that we will be bringing *at least* 80 rubber duckies with us to give to kids in India.

But we’d love to bring a lot more duckies with us! If you would like to donate (and adopt your own rubber ducky), there’s still plenty of time left.


Every donation of $25 gets a rubber ducky, which we’ll bring along for a wild ride.

We’d also like to thank SOS Children’s Villages for sending us this awesome package of swag – stickers, balloons, temporary tattoos, along with shirts/hats/sunglasses for Lucien and I to decorate our rickshaw, and ourselves. Can’t wait to attach these to our glorified lawnmower when we arrive in Bangalore. We thank SOS for their amazing support of our team!

The Rickshaw Run begins in just over a month. We’re already halfway to our *INITIAL* goal. But at this pace, we’re thinking about setting our sites a little bit higher and raising our fundraising goal. How much do you think we can raise?

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