Blowing Past our Initial $4,000 Goal… NEW GOAL: $10,000!

We did it! Our initial fundraising goal for SOS Children’s Villages was $4,000…and we just passed it, with a week to go before we even depart for the Rickshaw Run!

We are humbled by the generosity of our friends and family. Your donations will do so much to help underprivileged kids around the world.

But given that we have another full week before we depart for India, and then 2.5 weeks of Rickshaw Running to still do, we figured why stop now? We have decided to keep the fundraiser going and raise our new goal to $10,000!

Also, spoiler alert: We bought 400 little rubber duckies to bring with us on this adventure. 🙂 They’re coming with us regardless, so please “adopt” and name the remaining 300 ducks, so we can find good homes for them with the children of India.

Huge thanks go to our most recent donors, including our college friend Tim Reese who put us over the top with his $200 donation. We will give great homes to your eight rubber duckies, named after the heroes of Gremlins 2: Brainy Gremlin, Spider Gremlin, Bat Gremlin, Lady Gremlin, Googly-Eye Gremlin, Electricity Gremlin, Hulk Hogan and Star Magic Jackson Jr.

Click here to donate to our SOS Children’s Villages fundraiser!

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